Shenzhen Happy Valley Interntional Magic Festival

Shenzhen Happy Valley International Magic Festival is China’s largest,highest grade professional magic festival.It is held in Shenzhen Happy Valley every year during the National Day holiday,and it has enjoyed a high reputation in international magic community.

First held in 2000,Shenzhen Happy Valley International Magic Festival has been held for 13 times,which has become one of the world’s most important magic event and also the first brand of China’s Magic Festival.It is a high-end,large-scale international cultural event,not only leading the vanguard of fashion,but also the domestic heavy weigh international cultural exchanges.While showing China’s magic to the world,it provides a platform for the art to exchange Chinese and Western cultural.This festival plays an effective role in the popularity of international magic art,and made tremendous contribution to the development of Shenzhen’s culture,tourism and economy,Shenzhen is also named “the Capital of Eastern Magic”.