Shenzhen Bao'an Shajing Gold Oyster Festival

Shajing Oyster, a special local product, is Shenzhen's famous brand.The "Gold Oyster" has a history dated back to Qing dynasty.In order to promote the oyster industry and the oyster culture,Bao’an local government decided to set a culture festival as long-term form to promote the oyster brand with a history of more than a thousand year.Shajing Oyster festival is held annually at winter solstice lasting about one week.Till now,it has been sucessfully held seven times.During the festival,a series of activities will be held in Bao’an Shajing.In 2007,"Shajing Gold Oyster Festival" was listed as an important activity in Guangdong Province Tourism Cuture Festival.The custom of breeding Jingsha oyster has also been listed in the Intangible Cutural Heritage of Shenzhen.