Dameisha International Yacht Club

Dameisha International Yacht Club is located on the south side of Dapeng Peninsula, the most beautiful gold coast in East Shenzhen, with the beautiful Yitou Mountain and Xiaomeisha Tourist attractions named “Oriental Hawaii” in the east, Dameisha public bathing place in the west, Hongkong Qu Island in the south, and the beautiful Dameisha Bay in the north. Dameisha International Yacht Club Water Sports Center is located at the beach behind Dameisha Gold Sheraton Hotel, with beautiful scenery and excellent environment. The sea water is pure with excellent flow and suitable depth, which is the best choice for various water sports. The main service items of the sports center include yacht rental, speed boat and motor boat rental; second-hand yacht sale; water project investment, driver training, etc. Unique environment and advanced equipment provide the sea lover with the opportunity to get close to her, enjoy her charms and explore her mystery! There on the yacht you can enjoy business reception, friends and family gatherings, holidays, corporate celebrations, wedding photography, private time, probing the island, sea fishing, diving swimming, sunbathing and other activities.