Bus services in Shenzhen began in 1975, and now have expanded to a network consisting of over 1,000 routes. Three franchised companies, Shenzhen Bus Group, Shenzhen Eastern Bus and Shenzhen Western Bus operate most of the routes, and the remaining routes are operated by a few private companies.

Bus fares usually range from 2 yuan to 10 yuan, except for branches, where the fare can be 1 yuan or 2 yuan, and privately-operated premium services, which may be charged as much as 30 yuan. Fare has to be given when boarding the bus in short-haul routes and expresses with no charge. However, for most long-haul routes, fare is collected manually according to the travel distance of the passenger. Shenzhen Tong IC Card is accepted on most of the bus routes with 20% off at least, except a few privately-operated premium routes.

It is highly recommended to obtain a Shenzhen Tong card for public transport in Shenzhen. The Shenzhen Tong card is a contactless stored value card that provides customers a simple, safe and secure way to pay. It can be used to pay fares on the Metro and most buses in Shenzhen. The Shenzhen Tong card can be purchased and recharged at Metro stations, some grocery stores, as well as Shenzhen Tong outlets.

Shenzhen Tong Customer Service Outlets
NameAddressService Hour
Exhibition & Convention Center Station Customer Service OutletNext to Exit D, inside the Convention & Exhibition Center Station, Line 1 of Shenzhen Metro08:30-19:30
Laojie Station Customer Service OutletNext to Exit B, inside the Laojie Station, Line 3 of Shenzhen Metro
Bao'an Center Station Customer Service OutletNext to Exits E, F, inside of the Bao'an Center Station, Line 1 of Shenzhen Metro
Dongchang Customer Service OutletNext to the terminus station of Bus 203, 8 Dongchang Road, Luohu District08:30-11:30
Yantian Customer Service Outlet1A Building 3, Yantian International Creative Harbor, Yantian District
Longgang Customer Service Outlet1/F Longgang Coach Terminus Station, 129 Longping West Road, Longgang Central City
Nanshan Customer Service OutletTerminus sttion of Bus 26, Taoyuancun, Longzhu 6th Road, Nanshan District
Cardholders can also dial the Shenzhen Tong Customer Service hotline (86-755) 86699000
           to inquire information about relevant  business procedures (service hour: 8:30-21:00)

Shenzhen commuters can now use their phones to pay for bus fare and Metro fare.